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Since 1987 the ISFH conducts research and development in solar systems and components. With this long standing expertise we offer scientific services in the field photovoltaic and solar thermal as well as teacher training in these fields.


As an essential part of the scientific services, our institute maintains the calibration and testing center ISFH CalTeC. It is accredited according to EN ISO IEC 17025 and is recognized by several European and international certifiers. The ISFH CalTeC as independent body offers normative calibrations and tests. In addition, the employees of the respective work areas participate in the national and international standardization and committees work.

Development accompanying investigations

Are you looking for reliable and efficient solutions to practical or theoretical questions? We provide you in the non-accredited field of the ISFH CalTeC or in the ISFH's specific departments and work groups with many other flexible measurement and analysis procedures, as well as simulations for development accompanying investigations or non-standardized tests.


Additionally, ISFH runs training programmes for teachers at different types of schools. These courses are part of the NILS Project, a unique educational initiative in Germany, which is supported by the Lower Saxon Education Ministry.

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