Budget & Personnel

The Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH) is a non-profit association whose sole proprietor is the state of Lower Saxony. Basic funding comes from the budget of the Ministry for Science and Culture and makes up 23% of the total budget (income in 2016) of €11.9 million for the reporting year. In addition to this institutional support, the Institute receives so-called third-party funding from public research sponsors such as the Federal Government, the State Government of Lower Saxony or the European Union (EU). The income from public research projects was €8.5 million in the reporting year, the largest part of it was joint research together with solar industry. In addition, third-party funding also comes from industry for contract resarch amounting to €0.7 million in the year 2016.

At the end of 2016 the ISFH had 145 employees. The majority of the staff consist of scientific and technical personnel and Ph.D. students employed on a temporary basis to undertake research projects. The students involved comprise undergraduates from universities or technical colleges employed as part of their scientific training. 43 staff are permanently employed guaranteeing the continuity of the scientific work and maintenance of the infrastructure in Central services.

The Institute for Solar Energy Research site on the Ohrberg comprises a total area of 32,000m2; of which the main building has a floorspace of 4,000m2 and the technology building (SolarTeC) completed in 2008 covers 2,000m2. In addition, there are two experimental houses with 500m2 and outdoor experimentation areas which take up 1,500m2. The “Integrated Solar Systems” building, which was added in 2013, has a floorspace of 600m2.

The ISFH budget broken down into funding sources.


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