Optical Coatings

Dr. Rolf Reineke-Koch
Tel.: +49 (0)5151-999 431
E-Mail: r.reineke-koch@isfh.de

ISFH develops optical coating solutions for solar collector manufacturers and other industrial customers.


Coating techniques

  • Cathodic sputtering
  • Vaporization (thermal, e-gun)
  • Chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)
  • Spray pyrolysis
  • Chemical etching
  • Galvanic processes
  • Currentless chemical processes


Analytical processes

  • Electron microscopy, EDX, EBIC
  • Optical analysis with UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer, FTIR and ellipsometer for the spectral determination of transmission, reflection and absorption, refractive index etc.
  • Ageing testing (climatic chamber, salt spray facility, ultra-violet light)