Workgroup Photovoltaics reliability

Dr. Marc Köntges
Tel.: +49(0)5151-999 432

Flasher for large PV modules for power measurement of mono and bifacial PV modules, electroluminescence and UV fluorescence measurements.

In the Photovoltaics reliability group, new measurement techniques to characterize PV modules in the laboratory and in the field are developed.

We assist you with reliability tests of new solar cells inside PV modules, and testing and reviewing of PV module components. We have developed methods to gauge the mechanical stability of solar cells inside PV modules as well as to assess the optical properties of various module components (back sheet, encapsulants, interconnectors, light management structures) inside the PV module and to evaluate how much they increase the yield.

We offer you the fabrication of special PV modules that can be used as light sensors or sensor arrays. We are also able to fabricate small PV modules that can be used to assess the properties of new PV module components or solar cells. We offer characterization and testing as services, in cooperation of material or PV module development, or for certification of PV modules.