Prüfstand zur Charakterisierung von Frischwasserstationen

Test bench for the characterization of domestic hot water modules

Hydraulic hardware-in-the-loop test stand for bivalent heating systems

  • Indoor test facilities with two sun simulators for performance and reliability tests, up to 1 200 W/m²
  • Test facilities for pressure, suction and thrust loads on solar modules
  • 400 m² test roofs for reliability tests on collectors and systems as well as performance tests on solar collectors up to 180 °C
  • Test facility for air/water-, water/water- and brine/water heat-pumps in dynamic operation up to 30 and 60 kWth, respectively
  • Two outdoor solar-tracking test stands with an effective area of 20 m²
  • Test facility for solar systems in accordance with EN 12976
  • Test facilities for thermal storage tanks, control test facility (EN 12977)
  • Walk-in climate chambers (75 m³ and 180 m³)
  • Vacuum coating facilities (sputtering and PECVD)
  • Optical laboratory for spectrally-resolved transmission and reflection measurements (UV-VIS-NIR-MIR), spectral ellipsometry (0.24 μm to 33 μm) including temperature control of samples
  • Spectral-gonioradiometer with a radius of 2.5 m for measurements of bidirectional reflectance and transmittance distribution function (BRDF, BTDF)
  • Integrating sphere for spectral transmittance and reflectance measurements of large, light scattering samples
  • Surface roughness
  • Contact angle measurement, dynamic
  • Facilities for aging tests for glass and absorber surfaces (condensation, temperature, corrosive media)
  • Performance and reliability tests on heat pipes
  • Test facilities for insulation materials (reliability, thermal conductivity)
  • Hardware-in-the-loop experimental facilities for renewable heat/power systems
  • Test facility for heat transfer stations (up to 100 l/min) including circulation
  • Hardware in the loop outdoor test facility for large-sized solar thermal and photovoltaic facades (up to 50 m²)
  • Test facility for the evaluation of human perception of temperature fluctuations during showering