Workgroup Electrical energy systems:
Coupling of power and heat systems and monitoring systems

Dr. Raphael Niepelt
Tel.: +49 (0)5151-999 505

Versuchsaufbau Heatpipe- und Direct-Flow-System

Hardware-in-the-loop laboratory environment for building energy systems

Solarthermisches Glaspaneel

Measurement data from the laboratory environment for battery storage modeling

Solarthermisches Glaspaneel
Solarthermisches Glaspaneel

Monitoring system for monitoring of heat units in multifamily houses.

The main focus of the group is the heat and power supply system of buildings. The goal is to further develop the energy- and cost-efficient supply of renewable energy to single-family houses and apartment buildings in which a high proportion of the demand is supplied by solar energy, using an intelligent coupling of power and heat systems (e.g. photovoltaics-battery-heat pump). To this end, we are developing and optimizing control systems and are monitoring the energy supply and demand as well as the utilized systems both in a laboratory environment and in the field.

Monitoring of energy systems of buildings in the field

Highly resolved data from the real operation of single energy systems in buildings, quarters, and even residential estates enable us to analyze in detail the performance of single components, such as heat pumps and batteries, as well as of the entire system. We are developing individual monitoring concepts for scientific investigations in the field. This includes the conceptual development of the monitoring system including hardware and software, the assembly of the measurement hardware, development of the data base environment and its operation to collect and analyze data. For this we utilize simple statistical analyses as well as self-learning systems. Using this data, we can develop strategies for the operation of single components or identify errors made in designing and configuring the energy supply system of buildings. This also holds the potential for conceptual advancement of components and energy supply systems to make them more cost- and resource-efficient.

Hardware-in-the-loop laboratory environment for energy systems of buildings

Our experimental examinations cover everything from single components to complex systems that combine the heat and power supply system of buildings. This is done either with our hardware-in-the-loop test facility or in the field.

Modelling and simulation of components and energy supply systems of buildings using measurement data

The basis for the simulation are the measurement data collected in the field or with the hardware-in-the-loop test facility.