Workgroup Photovoltaics special module production

Dr. Henning Schulte-Huxel
Tel.: +49(0)5151-999 414

PV module with the look and feel of natural stone.

Automated production of customized PV modules

In the Photovoltaics special module production group, new, cost-efficient technologies for the flexible production of customized PV modules are developed.

The close integration of solar cell and PV module development allows ISFH to test new solar cells in advance for module-relevant properties, to optimize them in this respect and thus to accelerate new developments. Due to many years of experience with standard and special connection techniques such as laser soldering, laser welding, contact soldering, ultrasonic soldering and conductive bonding, we have a lot of experience in making electrical connections in PV modules. We also support and test the development of new metallizations on the solar cell to ensure the connectivity and processability in the PV module in advance and support you in the implementation of new PV module concepts and application forms.