Projects of the Solar systems department

Current projects

  • UrbanGroundHeat – Heat transition in existing urban districts: Deployment of shallow geothermal energy depending on technical, economic and legal constraints
  • HP-BIG – Reduction of the heat price of large-scale solar thermal systems with heat pipe vacuum tube collectors
  • Solar VHF – Solar thermal activation of rear-ventilated facades for multi-storey residential buildings: Development, integration into the energy supply system and demonstration
  • TA-DTE-XL – Characterization and testing of instantaneous water heaters
  • Geo-Resume – Sustainable operation of large geothermal heat pump systems by regeneration with solar, environmental and waste heat
  • Trans2NT-TWW – Transformation to low temperature domestic water systems
  • BIMPV – Retrospective BIM approach for life-cycle oriented integration of BIPV systems in the facade
  • integraTE – Initiative for the market establishment and promotion of thermal-electrical energy supply systems using PVT collectors and heat pumps in the building sector

Finished projects

  • FeBOp-MFH – Field analysis to optimize the operation of heat supply in multi-family houses
  • HP-SYS – Development and demonstration of innovative, stagnation safe solar thermal systems with heat-pipes collectors
  • SolarProfil – Solar activated U-shaped profiled glass for building integration
  • P 1253 – Building-integrated solar steel sandwich elements with mineral wool core for industrial and commercial construction
  • ProTask – Process engineering, quality assurance and system solutions for thermochromic absorber in solar thermal collectors
  • SUW-MFH – Solar assisted heat units in multi-family houses
  • Terra-Solar-Quelle – Horizontal ground heat exchangers and solar thermal collectors as heat source for highly efficient heat pump systems
  • HP-Koll – Cost-effective and reliable solar systems with novel heat pipe collectors
  • Passive house Kahle – Metrological testing of an innovative system concept in a passive house
  • SH-T-opt – Development of a Concept for Temperature-optimized Heat Production in Solar Active Houses
  • Solar Hybrid – Development and evaluation of an uncovered modular photovoltaic-thermal collector based on a mounting system with integrated construction
  • Solar Glas – Development of a cost efficient, solar activated glass façade for heat and electricity production
  • HeiSta – Characterization of new components in heating technology: Domestic hot water modules and dwelling stations
  • MFH-re-Net – Concepts for the reduction of conventionally generated heat distribution losses in solar-assisted multi-family houses