Workgroup Materials – Hydrogen technologies

Dr. Dominic Walter
Tel.: +49(0)5151-999 424

Test bench for PEM electrolysers.

Spectral infra-red ellipsometer

The workgroup “Materials” supports the industry with material-scientific and optical analyses as well as with standard load tests during the development in the laboratory, the upscaling, and the implementation in production.

Hydrogen technology

We coat electrodes with precious metal catalysts by means of sputtering and develop corrosion protection coatings for loaded components of water electrolysers. Test benches for PEM electrolysers are available.


Optical characterization is essential for the development of functional layers. For solar and thermotechnical questions this also always includes the mid-infrared range. A focus point of our group is the investigation of complex layer systems by means of spectral ellipsometry in the spectral region of 240 nm to 33,000 nm.