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Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Lampe
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Prüfstand zur Charakterisierung von Frischwasserstationen

In the laboratory Thermal Applications of the ISFH CalTeC are carried out normative tests according to the international standards. Furthermore customized prototype tests are an important focus.

An essential basis of our work is quality management. In 1993, even before our national accreditation we introduced a quality management system which has continuously been improved since then.

The laboratory Thermal Applications offers accredited tests at thermal solar systems and components and solar hot water storage referring to the standards:

  • EN 12975 -1 and -2, ISO 9806, SRCC standard 100 (solar thermal collectors)
  • EN 12976 -1 and -2 (solar thermal systems)
  • EN 12977-1 to –5 (solar thermal systems, storages and controller)

The tests are a basis for several certification and approval schemes:

  • Solar Keymark certification of solar thermal systems and components
  • SRCC certification of solar collectors
  • EU-Energy Label classification of thermal storages and systems

Moreover factory production controls and initial inspections of manufacturing sites according to the Solar Keymark scheme rules is part of our work.

Solar thermal collectors

Two solar simulators (effective area 3.2 and 5 m²) are operated for weather independent solar collector tests. This way the collector performance can be determined using water or glycol as heat transfer fluid up to a temperature of 180°C with a very high reproducibility, ideal conditions for product optimization. Furthermore, reliability tests like thermal shocks, high temperature load and stagnation behaviour of collectors and small solar thermal systems are carried out.

With three test roofs (total area of 400 m²) and two solar trackers (20 m²) extensive outdoor tests of collectors and solar thermal systems can be performed.

Experimental range:

  • Performance tests of collectors
  • Reliability tests of collectors as well as long-term exposure tests
  • Solar thermal system tests and simulation
  • Variable experimental system for function and load tests of solar thermal circuits and new components
  • Heat transfer determination at flow-through absorbers and heat pipes including manifolds variable component and system test facility for solar and ground based heat pump systems.

Hot water storage

Two facilities for of hot water storage tank tests up to 2000 l in a temperature-controlled laboratory, each consisting in 4 hydraulic modules, 2 for charging and 2 for discharging (15-95°C, up to 2.4 m³/h, up to 25 kW heating power). Even complex tests sequences can be run automatically, thus leading to high-precision results.

  • Test according to EN 12977-3 and -4
  • Detailed analysis in the context of product and component development

Our independent measurements of the standing energy loss provide a reliable source as the basis for energy-efficiency labeling according to the regulations (EU) no. 812/2013 and no. 814/2013

Domestic hot water modules and dwelling stations

The test bench consists essentially of 1000 l hot water and 800 l cold water storage for the simulation of the heat supply and load. Moreover it has a cascade of 5 parallel pipes, which can be independently adjusted for the purpose of simulation of different user profiles.

The fully automated test bench allows a wide range of performance tests with different supply and load temperatures with various user profiles.

Under “Research” – “Solar Systems” – “Projects” you can find the topic “HeiSta” for more information about the finished project “Characterization of new components in heating technology: Domestic hot water modules and dwelling stations”.