This year’s IEEE Photovoltaic Conference will be held June 20-25, 2021, and will be presented in a fully virtual format. The PVSC-48 technical program is divided into 12 sections covering the latest developments in photovoltaic science and technology, from fundamentals to applications, with a focus on materials science, devices, systems, solar resources, and policy issues.

On Tuesday, June 22, Dr. Dennis Bredemeier will present his method for fast evaluation of roof-top and facade PV potentials using backwards-raytracing and machine learning (Fast Evaluation of Roof-top and Facade PV Potentials Using Backwards-raytracing and Machine Learning, Session 11A).

On Friday, June 25, Dr. Hannes Wagner-Mohnsen will explain his approach to combining numerical simulations, machine learning and genetic algorithms for optimizing a POCl3 diffusion process (Combining Numerical Simulations, Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms for Optimizing a POCl3 Diffusion Process, Session 5D).