The 46th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC) will take place in Chicago, Illinois, from June 16 to 21. There will be 5 oral presentations by ISFH.

First, Prof. Dr. Jan Schmidt will discuss Fundamental Physics behind the Light-induced Degradation of Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells (19) in AREA 4: SILICON MATERIAL: FUNDAMENTALS, DEFECTS AND THEIR MITIGATION on Monday after lunch.

On Thursday morning, Best Student Presentation Award Finalist Michael Rienäcker will show the way from industry-standard solar cells to highly efficient tandem solar cells in AREA 3: HYBRID TANDEMS – COMPONENTS & MODELING (560: Three-Terminal Bipolar Junction Bottom Cell as Simple as PERC: Towards Lean Tandem Cell Processing).

In AREA 4: DEVICES BUILT WITH CARRIER SELECTIVE CONTACTS, Dr. Felix Haase outlines ways of Transferring the record p-type Si POLO-IBC cell technology towards an industrial level (567).

In AREA 9: MECHANISMS OF MODULE AND CELL DEGRADATION, Robert Witteck, also a Best Student Presentation Award Finalist, reports on his investigations of UV-stable surface passivation for crystalline silicon cells in solar modules with UV light transmitting encapsulation materials (579).

Later on Thursday morning, in AREA 4: CARRIER SELECTIVE MATERIALS OPTIMIZATION, Valeriya Titova presents her results concerning the Correlation of electronic and microscopic properties of TiOx/Al-based electron-selective contacts in silicon solar cells (598).

More information on the program of the IEEE PVSC-46 can be found on the official homepage of the conference.