Photograph: Jan Schmidt
At the 46th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), Dr. Robert Witteck received a “Best Student Presentation Award” for his presentation about “UV-stable surface passivation for crystalline silicon cells in solar modules with UV light transmitting encapsulation materials”. IEEE PVSC took place this year in Chicago, Illinois. More than 900 contributions were presented, divided into 12 subject areas. Dr. Robert Witteck presented his work in Area 9: PV Modules and System Reliability. In addition, there were four other contributions by ISFH: Prof. Dr. Jan Schmidt: Fundamental Physics behind the Light-induced Degradation of Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells Michael Rienäcker: Three-Terminal Bipolar Junction Bottom Cell as Simple as PERC: Towards Lean Tandem Cell Processing Dr. Felix Haase: Transferring the record p-type Si POLO-IBC cell technology towards an industrial level Valeriya Titova: Correlation of electronic and microscopic properties of TiOx/Al-based electron-selective contacts in silicon solar cells