After winning races in Chile, Australia and Belgium, the Innoptus Solar Team ( is the current world champion.

For the 2023 race series and the prestigious race from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia in October 2023 as part of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (, the Innoptus Solar Team is building a new solar race car (

The goal is to build the most innovative and efficient solar car ever. To achieve this, the use of right solar cells is essential. In order to test the solar cells before building the solar generators / modules, to group cells with the same properties and to sort out unsuitable or pre-damaged solar cells, a 100% incoming inspection takes place. For the measurements of the electrical properties, the solar cells must be contacted temporarily damage-free and reproducible. This requires a suitable contacting unit, which was developed by ISFH, for the back-contact solar cells used by Innoptus Solar Team.

ISFH is pleased to support ( the development of the new solar race car by providing the contacting unit for the solar cell test measurements and wishes the Innoptus Solar Team good luck with the construction of the car and the race in October.

Innoptus Solar Team