Passive house Kahle

Heat and power of the monitored passive house are supplied by a combination of an air-water-heat pump and a photovoltaics system. In addition, one battery storage and two heat storage systems were installed. One storage is allotted for DHW, while the other heat storage serves as heating and cooling buffer, respectively. Heat and cold are distributed through an underfloor heating and cooling system. In addition, the building features an active ventilation system using a cross-countercurrent heat exchanger.

To evaluate the system concept as well as the monitoring and control technology, ISFH performs detailed measurements and analyses of the system. All measurement data are recorded on a data acquisition unit located at the passive house. In addition, all data are incorporated into a data acquisition system designed by ISFH, which features a central database containing collected data from a number of buildings. The resolution of data acquisition is 15 s for all heat and cold current parameters and 1 s for the electrical parameters of all three phases. As a result, we can exactly analyze the dynamic operational performance and concurrence of PV power supply and heat demand.

The currently common procedure for evaluating building concepts that use renewable energies is based on monthly or even yearly balance sheets and is therefore unable to address questions regarding dynamic operational performance and concurrence of PV power supply and heat demand. Examples for key figures are solar fraction, own consumption, primary energy demand, system efficiency, PV yield, performance factor of the heat pump, storage losses, etc. The collected data form the base to assess the performance of the complete system and to accurately simulate and optimize such systems.

Duration of the project

18.12.2015 – 18.12.2017


The project „Passivhaus Kahle“ is funded by enercity. The responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the authors.