On 12 October 2018 a workshop on “UV fluorescence measurement for damage assessment of PV modules” took place at ISFH. The workshop was part of a project meeting of the TASK13 Group Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems of the International Energy Agency. The aim of the workshop was to introduce UV fluorescence as an analysis method for PV module faults to consultants and experts. A total of 44 experts from all over the world took part in the workshop.

At the beginning there were two lectures by ISFH staff on the basics of UV fluorescence in PV modules and the influence of temperature on it. Dr. Gabriele Eder (Austrian Research and Testing Institute, OFI) then explained to what extent the structure and design of the PV modules examined influence the patterns observed by UV fluorescence.

Reports and results from the field application of UV fluorescence were provided by Eckhard Fleiß (Ingenieurbüro Fleiß) and Bernhard Kubicek (Austrian Institute of Technology, AIT). Jay Lin from PV Guider also presented the possibilities and difficulties that arise when UV fluorescence measurements are carried out using a drone.

Afterwards, all those interested had the opportunity to get to know and use the UV fluorescence measuring device developed at ISFH.