On 28.11.2017, a four-person delegation from South Africa visited the Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH). The guests received an insight into the current research and development activities at the institute as well as a guided tour through the student laboratory of the Lower Saxony Learning Workshop for Solar Energy “NILS”. The lab tour was followed by coffee and biscuits together with a discussion on possibilities for cooperation between Germany and South Africa in solar energy research and, above all, in the education and training of young people in the field of renewable energies. The ISFH would like to thank our guests for the kind visit and the interest in our work.

The guests from the Alfred Nzo District Municipality are currently visiting the Hameln-Pyrmont district as partners in the “Communal Climate Partnership” of both communities. Within the framework of the two-year project, experience in climate protection is exchanged and passed on between municipalities. Nearly one million people live in the Alfred Nzo District Municipality in the province of Eastern Cape on about a quarter of the area of Lower Saxony. In the rural community, only about one in five households has an electricity grid connection.