Joint project: EnOB: Aluminum facade elements with integrated photovoltaic modules for architectural solar facades

Dr. Kevin Meyer
Tel.: +49(0)5151-999 315

In the AluPV project, long-term issues of construction production technology, new manufacturing processes
and material combinations are addressed by interlinking the building materials industry, the metal and
facade sector, the energy sector and the photovoltaic industry. Therefore, an innovative modular façade
system consisting of PV and design elements for aesthetically pleasing, energy-generating façades is being
developed, characterized by simplified installation in the building envelope and for connection to building
energy systems.
The focus is on the development of solutions and functional integration for the constructive and electrical
connection technology through integrated suspension in the aluminum profile, adapted substructure and
integrated module inverter.
Stress analyses, performance of field and yield tests and necessary characterization and testing methods
for material and component evaluation on the photovoltaic side and in the context of BIM & approval
accompany this work.
The project will be concluded with a demonstrator setup and an economic analysis to verify the test results
and to demonstrate an application-oriented implementation.
The intended modular system offers great opportunities to contribute with aesthetically appealing products
to the acceleration of solar energy development, especially in urban areas, and to bring the potential of
building-integrated solar out of its niche.
The focus at the ISFH is on the development of industrially suitable manufacturing processes for PV
modules on Al components, the investigation of long-term stability, the development of shading-tolerant
interconnection concepts as well as the determination of PV yields and system evaluations for complex
integration situations.


Fraunhofer-Institut für für Mikrostruktur von Werkstoffen und Systemen IMWS

solarnative GmbH

VHF Plan Fassadenberatung Volker Liesenhoff

Baltic Renewable Partners GmbH & Co. KG

MN Metall GmbH

Duration of the project

01.01.2023 – 31.12.2025


The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action under grant no 03EN1069A. The responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the authors.

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