Emmerthal (RGo). In the competition for the “Energy Award 2016”, Fabian Hüsing from the Institute for Solar Energy Research has been named one of six winners.

The graduate engineer in mechanical engineering received the prize for his diploma thesis “Thermal Utilisation Options of Photovoltaically Generated Electrical Energy in Family Houses”.

Within the scope of this work, he has conducted extensive research into simulation studies based on the simulation environment TRNSYS on various system variants and investigated and evaluated the supply of a high-quality single-family house at a Central European reference location. It’s nice to make your own work public in this way,”said Fabian Hüsing happily.

A large number of candidates had entered the competition, which is held annually by Westfalen Weser AG. All the entries submitted are first-class, but there is always a personality to be recognized,”said Klaus Meyer, chairman of the jury.

The energy supplier Westfalen Weser invited the prize-winners to Paderborn and celebrated the award ceremony in the presence of many guests in a festive setting with a snack afterwards.