Instituts-Kolloquium: Beyond 26% silicon solar cells in mass production: poly-Si or a-Si contacts?

23. Apr. 2024

23. Apr. 2024

Am Dienstag, den 23. April, um 10:00 Uhr findet im Vortragssaal des ISFH sowie per Zoom ein Instituts-Kolloquium statt.

Prof. Daniel Macdonald, Australian National University (ANU), referiert zum Thema ‚Beyond 26% silicon solar cells in mass production: poly-Si or a-Si contacts?‘.

Abstract:The primary power loss mechanisms in industrial solar cells featuring either doped poly-silicon contacts (commonly known as TOPCon cells) and amorphous silicon contacts (silicon heterojunction cells – SHJ) are identified, quantified, and discussed. Generally, parasitic absorption on the front side of SHJ cells leads to lower currents than TOPCon cells, while SHJ cells have higher voltages, due mainly to reduced recombination at the front surface and contacts. SHJ cells also have higher fill factors, thanks largely to reduced transport losses to the front contacts. In this work we present a side-by-side comparison of the key loss mechanisms for each of these two technologies, and then evaluate possible solutions to overcome them based on modified architectures and materials development. We conclude that both have the potential to achieve efficiencies above 26% in mass production in the near future.

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