UV Fluorescence Measurement for Damage Assessment of PV Modules

12. October 2018 – Emmerthal, Germany

Dr. Marc Köntges
Tel.: +49(0)5151-999 432
E-Mail: m.köntges@isfh.de

Modul Klimakammer

ISFH’s demonstration tool for measuring UV fluorescence.

UV fluorescence is already used in many areas for damage analysis. In photovoltaics, it plays an increasingly important role in damage assessment.

In order to open up UV fluorescence as an analysis method for PV module defects to inspectors and experts, ISFH organized a workshop on UV fluorescence on PV modules on Friday, October 12, 2018. In addition to the basics and the measuring equipment, interpretation aids for this technology were presented.

UV fluorescence can be used to identify cell cracks, hot spots and cell interconnector breakage. Especially in the case of cell cracks, it is possible to distinguish between recent and older cell cracks.

Proceedings (englisch)

Dr. Arnaud Morlier (ISFH)
Basics of UV fluorescence

Michael Siebert (ISFH)
Temperature effect on UV fluorescence

Dr. Gabriele Eder (OFI)
Influence of the PV module design and composition on the formed UV fluoresence patterns

Eckhard Fleiß (Ingenieurbüro Fleiß)
Experiences from the field

Bernhard Kubicek (Austrian Institute of Technologie, AIT)
Exeptional UV features measured in the field

Jay Lin (PV Guider)
Experience and challenges for UV fluorescence inspection with a drone

The speakers at the UV Fluorescence Workshop.